The Reality Of Sex Life In Winter


Winters are usually associated with cuddles, steaming sex in the scorching bathtub, and conducting the body heat to the partner’s body.

But winters are not always as hot as you think.The reality is a bit different because the guys feel somber and gloomy below the belt region during the winters.

Even Though cold weather compels you to share the natural bond with your partner, your partner and his penis may feel lethargic under the pressure of winter blues.

The sex life in winter freezes up just like the environment around your house.Let’s find out why your sex life cools off with the colder temperature.

Your husband isn’t receiving enough sunlight.

If your husband has been yelling— “not tonight” too often, he’s probably missing the vital source of energy, that is, the sunlight in the winters.

It’s like the animated stories of Pokemon.Your husband gets sexual power when he sucks in enough sunlight.

Sunlight triggers the secretion of Serotonin hormone in the brain— the hormone known for setting up the “wonderful mood” for sex.

If there’s no way to receive the sunlight, you may press your partner to take serotonin supplements to boost up the sexual mood and desire naturally.

Your husband is too sleepy.

As if low-serotonin levels were not enough, your husband is attacked by the excessive concentration of melatonin hormone— the hormone which induces “sleepiness.”

That’s when your husband starts rating sleep more than the sexual session.The dark, murky environment of the winter season activates the melatonin secretion which halts your sex life.

A lot of anecdotes have presented that unconstrained level of melatonin flattens the sex drive and snatches the sexual interest.In addition to it, your husband is probably running short of vitamin D fuel.

One of the researches closely associates low vitamin D with erectile dysfunction[1]It explains that the Vitamin D supplementation acts as the fuel for the dead penile engine.

His testes aren’t manufacturing enough testosterone.

Our ancestors were too reluctant to work during the winters.Resting was mandatory during the winter season.

We have been carrying the same old tradition which has ultimately affected our testosterone production without giving us a hint.

Well, it’s true that the body loses the ability to produce testosterone during the winters, and it’s when your husband’s penis loves to reside in its small igloo under his pants.

One of the reviews claims that testosterone level and sexual status in cold weather is way too different than in the warmer temperature. [2]It also reflects the essential data on the frequency of sexual thoughts and ejaculation.

Generally, your partner testes need cooler temperature for ejaculation; however, it’s receiving too cool a surrounding that it fails to deliver— both semen and sexual satisfaction.

Winter blues are getting onto his nerves.

Why would coin the term “winter blues” if it wasn’t true?

Have you ever came across “summer blues,” or “spring blues?”You did— right now— but they don’t exist.

Winter blues are the seasonal affective disorders which fluctuate the mood every moment.Your husband is presumably living with the winter blue where his mood is flickering.

At the worst case, your husband is surviving on the edge of depression where it’s natural to avoid sex.

Under all the hormonal changes and the flickering psychological state— your partner may also find it difficult in achieving an erection.

The SAD is known to suck up all the energy from the body, introduce the pinch of dullness, and interfere with the sexual concentration.

You’d have to defy science if you really want to expect good sex from such a mental scenario.

Getting into the sexual playtime

It’s hard to get into adult playtime if you are a part of the northern hemisphere; however, you can pull back your sex life under your control by

  1. Find an alternative source of light for your partner. Maybe, all he wants is light therapy.
  2. Kick your husband to the gym because it’s the perfect source of “feel-good” endorphins hormone.
  3. Arrange the vitamin D source food items.

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