Water For Treating Erectile Dysfunction


If you stay in an arid region, you seriously need to check your water consumption level every day.

Not just because you have to survive as that’s obviously the primary reason; however, the other concern is— you may be developing one of the most embarrassing and humiliating sexual disorders, i.e., erectile dysfunction.

We know how water is the most important element on earth, and a dehydrated body is more prone to establishing severe issues, but do we know that it may worsen our sex lives without giving a warning?

Yes, one of the recent studies suggests that water can help in treating erectile dysfunction if not cure it completely. [1]

Let’s take a more profound insight which unravels the link between dehydration and erectile dysfunction

Blood vessels are not just blood vessels but the water vessels.

Although the circulatory system of the body conducts blood, and are termed as blood vessels; there’s no harm in calling them water vessels.The vessels need water as much as blood.

Water is the universal solvent which dissolves every nutrient in the blood.The lack of water in the body affects the blood pressure in two ways.

First, when your body doesn’t get enough water supply, the body looks forward to retaining the sodium— that’s where it tries to manage the fluid level in the body.

Second, when you get dehydrated for a long time, your capillaries (the small blood vessels which are connected with the arteries) shut down.

The shutting down of these capillaries exerts additional pressure on the arteries causing high blood pressure.The similar situation may occur in the penile region contributing to impotence.

Studies have suggested that high blood pressure is one of the most common causes of erectile dysfunction where blood doesn’t receive enough cross-sectional area for the influx in the penis.

As a result, the penis fails to erect.Hence, drinking water or staying well-hydrated may keep you sexually fit.

The magical potion staves off inflammation-related ED

If there’s a magical potion to stave off your inflammation, then it is water.Several studies suggest that there’s an association between inflammation and erectile dysfunction (ED).

Sometimes the chronic inflammatory diseases such as arthritis devastate your sex life.Arthritis and its kind damage the arteries in the penis via their inflammatory effect.

It, later on, impedes the systemic blood flow in the penis.As a result, your penis dies during sexual sessions.

Helping your body with hydration will boost your sexual issues.Water keeps away the toxins which cause inflammation in the body.

Intaking the proper volume of water also keep your body healthy against gout attack— the issue caused by uric acid.Recent anecdotes have also linked Gout with erectile dysfunction.

Hence, watering your body like a plant may reduce your inflammation, gout, and erectile dysfunction at the same time.

Metabolism, testosterone, and erectile dysfunction— all under one roof

There’s a proven fact that a dehydrated body slows the metabolism rate.The slower the metabolism rate, the altered the testosterone levels.

When the testosterone level goes down, a man may lose the urge to have sex, and losing the sexual desire may lay the groundwork for a weak erection or erectile dysfunction.

Everything is interconnected in the body; it just needs a trigger to cause dangerous health issues.

Drinking cold water compels your body to work harder to bring itself in the equilibrium.It’s only possible when the body has a faster metabolism.

A faster metabolism will automatically improve the testosterone, thereby affecting the erectile issues.

The faster metabolism also burns more calories and cutting the weight— the issues which also catalyzes erectile dysfunction.

Thus, water is the natural elixir which not only helps you to sustain life on earth but also sex life.So, are you drinking your share of water?

Ensure that you at least take 3000 ml in a day to enjoy the benefits of the hydrated body.

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