The Hide And Seek Between Weight And Sex Life

The Hide And Seek Between Weight And Sex Life

Don’t be surprised if your huge belly is putting a hurdle in your sex life. After all, it’s not easy to penetrate with a vast plateau right before the penis.

But did you know that your weight and sex life are in a secret hide and seek game? IN the given game, they are inversely proportional to each other.“When you gain weight, you lose the sex life; when you lose weight, you gain the sex life.

And it’s not limited to men as they continue the game in women too. Let’s read out their game in detail.

It Sends Off The Penis On Retirement.

No, there’s no specific evidence which directly associates obesity or weight gain with erectile dysfunction; however, medical researchers love connecting the dots. They know the biology behind the dominos effect.

In some of the reviews, they suspect that obesity brings comorbid diseases such as hormonal imbalance, insulin resistance, and in the worst cases, it may also lay the favorable environment for hypertension, cardiovascular issues, and other neurological disorders. [1]

Going by the dominos effect, the stated comorbid diseases may very well work as the building blocks of erectile dysfunction— the condition in which men’s penis refuses to “stay hard” because “to hell with the hard work, I got to retire.”

The fact doesn’t need an explanation because nothing destroys sex life as much as erectile dysfunction.

It Urges The Sexual Desire To Take A Vacation.

Again, there’s no anecdote which directly connects weight gain with the sexual desire; howbeit, we can look at the microscopic level to find the links.

As mentioned above, obesity accompanies a lot of other health issues which may squeeze out the life out of your sex life— umm, that sounds interesting. [2]It’s common in both men and women.

When the fats find their home in your waist and other areas of your body, you may receive metabolic syndrome which, in turn, may snatch your sexual desire.

As obesity urges your sexual desire to go on vacation, you may not feel like getting involved in the adult playtime.

The excessive fat sees to it that you become one of the pandas at your home— because it’s easy to become lazy and lose sex drive than to become fit and have an extraordinary sex life.

It Rips Off The Testosterone Making Factory.

As if suppressing sexual desire and drawing the path for erectile dysfunction wasn’t enough, obesity comes up with the new low.It’s found that the men with large belly circumferences have low testosterone level.

It punishes the testosterone making factory and doesn’t let it produce enough of sex hormones.It’s another reason why the sexual urge takes leave without prior application.

Other studies also enlighten that the fats in the obese body love teasing the protein which carries the testosterone in the bloodstream.

Fats have a bad habit of interacting with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) proteins without any invitation which, as a result, minimize the testosterone level in the circulatory system.

Fats and cholesterol are those frivolous and aimless guys who can’t see someone else getting together— male and female sex hormones.

It Makes Everyone Feel “Unhappy” About Themselves.

Sex is all about “feeling good about your physical self.”And unfortunately, obesity does precisely the opposite of it.

The world has stitched norms where you can’t flaunt your belly fat because that’d invite humiliation and laughter.

If you are an obese person, you are likely to feel ashamed of your own body because you fear judgment and embarrassment.

And it doesn’t need brains to conclude that “an unhappy state” will deteriorate your sexual session.

It’s equally important that your partner sees you beyond the physical bodyscape, but the harsh reality is— not everyone gets the understanding partner.

So, obesity may burn your ego, and send you in a shell where you’d prefer early sleep than having sex with your partner.

If you want to settle the game between obesity and sex life for once and all, work harder to build the right physique and never let it dictate your sex life.

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