The Key To A Healthy Sex Life

The Key To A Healthy Sex Life

That exact moment when the eyes meet and the lips become a part of each other, only to mold an emotional bond so strong that no external force can break it, is the highest point of physical intimacy.

It’s an intangible feeling of being one and yet working one’s way through and out of the Tetris that the bodies have built for one another is like feeling that the moment will cease and everything would set to pause.

It is this emotional dependency of two bodies that define physical intimacy.

One can be physically intimate in many states of mind and existence, but one cannot be truly satisfied until they figure themselves out, through their desires.

There are several blocks which might pose a threat when it comes to a sexual relationship, most of which is ruled by the mind.

However, it takes two people to be in a sexual relationship, and what the other person sees might not be what you have imagined yourself to be.Here is a list of things which detriments the sex life of women:

The Idea Of A Perfect Body

Not being able to imagine oneself in a certain way is an important reason why women, these days, have lost their interest in their sexual health.

The mirror reflects one’s personality, and it is the perception of one’s self is what should be altered.

“Fat,” “thin” these are all adjectives which might just ruin any healthy sexual relationship because women might not like the way they appear.The perception of one’s self might not be valid for the partner.

It really does not matter what one looks like, if the sexual life is healthy and steady, instead what truly matters is an effort, understanding, and encouragement.

The Lack Of Desire.

In a time where work and earning a livelihood has become the primary condition to survive, there is very little time for people to invest in their sexual health.

Unhealthy lifestyle, excessive work pressure, lack of time, and most importantly lack of time for oneself has caused the sexual desires to drain entirely for people around the world.

Time has to be taken out for one’s self, to be able to find mental and sexual stability.

Medical Conditions Should Be Taken Into Consideration.

Depression and anxiety can lower any sexual desire for any person, and it should be understood that it is alright to feel a little low and not up to the mark.

No one is perfect, and there are times, for every individual inhabiting earth to feel a little differently from their fellow friends/family.

Medical condition induces lack of sexual desire needs therapy more than anything else because it is essential to let the void go of the system.It might be poisoning the mind and to confide in someone.

To seek assistance is the best way out in this case, and to find that glimmering hope that there will be good days is of absolute essence in such scenarios.

Hormones Play A Vital Role In Sexual Interactions

It is because of the hormones, that sexual urges are heightened, and at the same time, it might lower the intensity of sexual desires.

In such cases, hormones must be balanced so that any imbalance leading to such a scenario gets eradicated.

It will be hard to understand as to when hormones are affecting one person, but around and during menopause sexual desires, and intention come to a standstill and might get lower.Seek medical attention, and with time, balance can be found.

Inexperience Can Lead To Disaster.

Sex is not about perfection; it is rather messy and can be unplanned.Amateur sex can lead to a lack of interest.

Sex is like an acquired taste and requires understanding and figuring out how to make it pleasurable.

People need to discuss their likes and dislikes. They should not force themselves to have sex because of an emotional bond.

Under all these circumstances, it is preferable that one seeks help from expert therapists or doctors.

For no matter how small the issue might be, it should not affect one’s sexual and mental health.

Sex is not a taboo. Instead, one can be liberated through sex and find self-confidence and understand oneself better, and thus, no one should restrict themselves, from having consensual and healthy sex.

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