Surya Namaskar— The Method For Buoying Up Sex Life

Surya Namaskar— The Method For Buoying Up Sex Life

Did you know that “one of the strongest warriors— Karn” from the epic write-up “Mahabharata” got conceived with the help of the Sun?

Kunti— the official mother of Karna— sucked some real “sunrays” and got pregnant.It looks like a tasty feast for religious believers, and archaic and utterly stupid to the non-believers.

Well, I am no one to validate the truth; however, the recent study suggests that gracing the sun with a namaskar (the great sun salutation) may boost up your sex life.

It sounds skeptical because we do not have much logical explanation, but we can surely give it a try.

Let’s hear out the logic we have so far.

You Bend Your Body To Straighten Up The Penis.

“Bowing to the sun” demands a series of physical asanas.

For you to perform it, you’d have to stretch your body which ensures flexibility.The flexible bending and long body extension are suitable for blood circulation in the body.

As it invites physical movement, it’s a unique kind of cardiovascular proceeding which keeps the nerve blocks in check. [1]

The story continues with your penis too.The asanas compel the heart to pump the blood in the penis despite a lot of plaque accumulation in the arteries.

Since it’s a complete body exercise, the blocked nerves get blood good enough to attain persistent erection, thereby minimizing the risk of erectile dysfunction.

So, if bending your body for a while straightens up your penis, then why not?

You Slough Off Belly Fat For Engaging Sex.

I know how difficult it is to have sex with a belly plateau; nonetheless, you can slough off your belly fat for engaging sex.You’d be quizzical how “body fat has any association with your sex life.”

The answer is straightforward— the fat in the body induces laziness in you.Fat cells work as a virus— they love making a replica of them.

When you don’t put adequate exercises in your life, your fat continues to disseminate throughout the body— slowing the metabolism.

And you must be aware of the fact that slow metabolism affects your sex life in a number of ways.

They decrease your libido and hamper the testosterone production in the body, thereby laying the groundworks for impotence and related sexual disorders.

With Surya Namaskar into the picture, you can manage your cardiorespiratory system and weight with simple steps. [2]

Sex Is The Focal Point And The Penis Is The Ray.

We have a common myth that stress affects only the brain.But the truth is— stress may spread in the entire body including your muscles, bones, and joints.

Physical and mental stress stop the brain from receiving sexual signals.

Furthermore, the stress hormone outweighs sex hormones which lower down your sexual hunger.

Having Surya Namaskar as your close benefactor, you can get over stress.

Since the asanas are all about the movement of the body and deep-focused breathing; you may get over stress in no time.

As the practice induces the calming effect in the body, you will be more focused during sexual sessions where sex will be your focal point and inserting the hard penis will be the ray.

You Sleep Well To Wake Up Dracula Under Your Pants.

A significant part of the earth is suffering from insomnia— a sleep disorder which has earned a lousy rapport for destroying sex lives.

If your sleep disorder has taken the moral responsibility of devastating your mental state, you are well within the danger of bad sex life.

Medical reviews suggest that sleep disorder equally affects sex life by nurturing issues like erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual desire, to name a few.

If sexual conclave with your partner is turning cold, Surya Namaskar may help you to regain the lost sexual prestige.

It makes sure that you retain the circadian rhythm and proper sleep cycle which further sweeps away your stress, and guide you for fresh sex.

So, sleeping well to the namaskar call may wake up the Dracula under your pants.

Get off your comfort zone, ignore all the religious banters; make Surya Namaskar, the ultimate physical force for spicing up sex life.

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