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Generic Drugs Acyclovir
Manufacturer FDC Ltd
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Ocuvir 200 DT

Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is an antiviral agent which is used in the treatment of infections caused by herpes virus such as chickenpox and herpes zoster. The effect of Ocuvir 200 Mg medicine is higher if it is started as soon as symptoms appear.

Ocuvir 200 DT is best that you avoid taking Ocuvir 200 Mg DT T if you allergic to the drug or any ingredients in it. Special care should be taken if you are on Ocuvir 200 Mg DT and suffer from other health issues like kidney problems, abnormalities of the nervous system or taking various other drugs. Inform you doctor if you are on medication that treats gout, asthma, peptic ulcers or if you are taking an immunosuppressant. In this case he will prescribe Ocuvir 200 Mg DT only if it is safe for you. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should take medical advice before they start taking Ocuvir 200 Mg DT to ensure if the drug is safe for their child or not.

Drug = Acyclovir

Strength = 200 Mg

Manufacturer = Fdc Ltd.

How To Take

Ocuvir 200 Mg DT in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Dissolve it in a glass of water before taking it. Ocuvir 200 Mg DT may be taken with or without food, but it is better to take it at a fixed time.


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Side Effects

Swelling and redness at the injection site

Abdominal pain

Increased thirst

Loss of appetite

Unusual tiredness and weakness

Black or tarry stools

Fever with chills


Unusual bleeding




Pregnancy:- Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is recommended for pregnant women. Discuss with your doctor about the potential benefits and risks before deciding to take Ocuvir 200 Mg medicine.

Breast-feeding:- Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is excreted through the breastmilk. Discuss with your doctor about the potential benefits and risks before deciding to take Ocuvir 200 Mg medicine. Monitoring of any undesired effects is necessary.

Hydration:- Ocuvir 200 Mg DT may increase the risk of kidney injury when taken with other medicines that cause kidney injury. Adequate water should be consumed to prevent the accumulation of Ocuvir 200 Mg medicine.

Impaired kidney function:- Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is used with caution in the patients with the severe kidney injury. Suitable dose adjustments are to be made based on the clinical condition.

Elderly population:- OOcuvir 200 Mg DT is used with caution in the elderly population with kidney injury or liver injury due to increase in the risk of neurological problems. Dose adjustments are to be made based on the clinical condition.

Pediatric population:- The safety and efficacy of the oral formulation of Ocuvir 200 Mg DT has not been established in children less than 2 years of age.


Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is used in the treatment of genital herpes which is a sexually transmitted viral infection caused by herpes simplex virus.

Ocuvir 200 Mg DT is used in the treatment of chicken pox which is a viral infection caused by varicella-zoster virus.

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