How To Initiate Sex Without Being Pushy

How To Initiate Sex Without Being Pushy

Although love blossoms, heart flutters, and relationship radiate charm; the partners can’t decide whether they should ask for sex.

Perhaps, the case is the same for you when you couldn’t ask your partner about ‘it’ despite being in a long relationship.

Maybe you don’t want to sound pushy, or dominant— perhaps you don’t want to look desperate— or perhaps you don’t want to relay the wrong signals.

With the plenty of doubts steaming up in your brain, you end up getting stuck in the “ifs” and “buts.”

The best way for initiating sex in a brand new relationship is by getting creative without being too offensive or defensive.

You can be the initiator every time without expecting your partner to do the job.Let’s initiate with initiating sex in the bedroom.

Reaching To The Sexual Destination— Slowly.

A lot of people prefer a direct approach when they have a clear cut conversation with their partners without beating around the bush, or confusing with useless apothegms.

However, the method may not work for everyone.It’s when you have to reach the sexual destination slowly.

Instead of “being on the point,” create environment good enough to encourage sexual behavior in your partner.

Keeping the soft music, gentle massage, and dim lights set up the perfect atmosphere for a great intimate session.

Moving at a snail pace may make you spend sexless nights; however, the same could gift you sex every day without portraying a “non-understanding and dominant” attitude when your partner doesn’t have the right mood.

Wait For The Clock To Hit 3 In The Morning.

Analyzing the sexual mood of your partner is crucial.If your partner isn’t connecting, asking for it might detriment the condition.

Furthermore, if you feel hesitant for asking sex when you hit the bed, hold your horses and wait for the clock to hit 3 am.

The objective of holding sexual breath till 3 am is because it’s when our bodies are sexually charged waiting to burn some sexy fuel.

With the heightened sex hormones, a gentle back massage or feet massage by your toe may stimulate your partner.

Perhaps, there’s a secret love affair between 3 am and sex hormones but who cares— keep the patience to get huge rewards.

The Power Of “I Love You.”

Nothing sends as massive a sexual wave down the spine as a whisper of “I love you” in the ears do.

The arrangement of three words is in such a way that they can give a new twist to your poor sex life, a dramatic turn to your sexual fear, and a spark for initiating sex.

The phrase gives a sense of mutual feeling between the partner, and it springs up unimaginable sensuality in the couples.

If you have been resorting to other substantial techniques for enticing your partner, make sure that you try this out.

The wave of sensuality will push you to have an intimate foreplay session which will further add stars to the sexual cause.

Talking And Watching Porn Together.

Porn is a two-sided sword— it may work wonders for you today— it may create problems tomorrow.However, you wouldn’t know its impact unless you try it in your relationship.

If you have been longing to initiate sex, start with dirty talks like “who’s your favorite porn star?”With such questions, you may advance to discussing positions.

When you sense a kinky bit of your partner, you can start a pornographic series and talk about it in detail.

The act confirms that you believe in taking baby steps instead of leaping a long jump when you want to sprinkle sex desire in your partner steadily.

Keep note that you talk of it after assessing the mood of your partner.Talking pornography during a bad mental condition may infuriate your partner more.

Talking dirty and flirting are other healthy ways for initiating the indulgence, howbeit, if both of you share good chemistry— the deafening silence would be enough to give vital signs.

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