Answering Curiosity Regarding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Answering Curiosity Regarding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

It’s understandable that we love exploring the sexuality of the opposite sex when we hit the puberty.

When I was an adolescent, a lot of questions would hit my mind regarding the sexual behavior of women; and I’d surf a lot of books to read about the same.

Just as me, if you are curious to learn whether “women feel as horny as you,” let me tell you— no they don’t— not always.

They may have to undergo sexual disorder named hypoactive sexual desire disorder which sweeps away their sexual fuel only to leave them and their partners unsatisfied.

In the given section, let me answer all the innocent questions which you have been longing to hear about the sexual desire of women.

Is Asexuality A Medical Condition?

A lot of people believe that asexuality is just a state of mind, which means that if women don’t feel the sexual desire, it has more to do with the psychological condition than the medical condition.

It’s partially true that asexuality is sometimes led by the psychological condition which is also called hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD).

But that’s not the only reason because other issues such as hormonal imbalance, unsatisfied sex, disruption of the sexual signal between the brain and the reproductive organs also contribute to the same.

At What Age Do Women Lose Sexual Desire?

One of the studies suggested that women lose sexual desire between 40 to 100 years of existence.

The same study found the mean age for sexual disorder in women is 67 years; i.e., it is when they lose sexual interest.

If your partner is young, don’t worry— you will get all the time on earth to enjoy her sexual attention; however, other medical conditions such as stress, depression, or your uncalled behavior may make her sexually depressive before the median age.

Do Asexual Women Fall In Love?

It’s a complicated question; howbeit, if you relate love with sex— the answer is no.

A woman may be asexual who wouldn’t want to have sex with her partner; however, love is more about building emotional bridges rather than sexual ones.A person can love and feel loved with the help of the oxytocin hormone.

Hence, it’s not compulsory to have a boatload of sexual hormones because you can do reasonably well on the love fronts without having them.

If you still can’t stop equating asexuality with love, I am afraid that the definition of love has tampered.

Are Asexual Women Curious About Sex?

Why not?I am curious about how NASA operates without working in it.

An asexual woman can masturbate and feel sexual attraction, but it’s not necessary that they will loop out their urge immediately.

They may not act upon these urges because they don’t have the ultimate driver; however, they can be curious about sex because who wouldn’t want to know about it?

And you shouldn’t mingle curiosity with desire because a person can have interest without emphasizing on willingness.

Do We Have Viagra For HSDD?

No, Viagra has sildenafil chemical which treats erectile dysfunction by increasing the penile blood flow.

But here’s the good news— we have something to uplift the sexual desire of women who are suffering from HSDD.

Drugs such as Flibanserin is a type of female Viagra which takes care of sexual desire quickly.

The drug is an effective medication for increasing the dopamine and norepinephrine hormone level— the hormones which induce happy sexual mood.

Along with it, it also suppresses the level of serotonin hormone in the brain, thereby giving sexual desire a real boost.

The onset of the medicine is around three to four weeks (one month) while you may observe the maximum benefit by ten to twelve weeks.

What Happens In HSDD?

Apart from losing the sexual interest, a woman fails to lubricate her genital while having sex.

It may make sex a painful course.It may also make way for infertility which will ultimately prevent them from conceiving a healthy baby or restrain them from having at all.

Asexuality can reach your home, at your bed, under your belt, and it can be you.

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