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Generic Drugs Vardenafil Oral Jelly
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma
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Description Of Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg is medication for erectile dysfunction in men (sexual impotence), a condition in which men can’t get and sustain a penile erection for sexual activity. Together with sexual stimulation, Vardenafil boosts blood flow to the penis which is crucial to get and sustain an erection.

Name Of Drug = Vardenafil

Composition Quantity = 20 Mg

Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Formulator = Ajanta Pharma

Therapeutic Uses Of Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg is used to process erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men, which is inability to achieve or maintain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity, due to inadequate blood flow into the penis.  Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg helps relax the blood vessels in the penis growing blood flow and causing an erection, which is the natural response to sexual stimulation.

Side Effects Of Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

  • Sudden vision loss
  • ringing in your ears, or sudden hearing loss
  • chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling
  • irregular heartbeat
  • swelling in your hands, ankles, or feet
  • shortness of breath
  • vision changes

How To Take Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg is usually taken as required about 15 minutes before sexual activity. Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg may be taken with or without foods.

Avoid Drug While Taking Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Avoid excessive alcohol intake while taking Vardenafil treatment (Valif, Valif Oral Jelly, Vardenafil) as it can cause headache, dizziness, increased heart rate, or low or high blood pressure.

Avoid consuming grapefruit and grapefruit based products like grapefruit juice while taking Vardenafil as grapefruit can increase the likelihood of side effects of this treatment.

General Interaction

Several treatment interact with Valif Oral Jelly and should either not be taken while you are taking Valif Oral Jelly or only after discussion and instruction from your physician:

Drugs that cause a serious reaction with Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg: any nitrate treatment, such as nitroglycerin for angina, alpha-blockers like terazosin or doxazosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia, verapamil or diltiazem for high blood pressure

Drugs that affect Valif Oral Jelly: cimetidine for treating ulcers, antibiotics like erythromycin and rifampicin, itraconazole or ketoconazole for fungal infection, ritonavir or indinavir for HIV, grapefruit juice

Drugs that are affected by Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg: like doxazosin for benign prostatic hyperplasia

What Are Dosage Instruction Of Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

  • Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

How Does Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Work?

Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg contains Vardenafil which acts on the erectile tissue of the penis to growth the blood flow to the cause an erection. During sexual stimulation, nitric oxide is released in the erectile tissue of the penis which activates the enzyme guanylate cyclase.

Warning During Take Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

  • Alcohol = Use of alcohol should be avoided or kept to a minimal level while you are taking Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Tablet. Symptoms like dizziness, fainting, flushing, persistent headaches should be reported to the physician.
  • Pregnancy = This medicine is not remind for consumption by pregnant women unless clearly needed. Consult a physician and discuss the advantages and danger before taking this medicine.
  • Lactation = The use of this tablet should be avoided by nursing mothers. Consult your physician so that suitable substitute may be advised.
  • Driving = Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Tablet may make you feel dizzy, sleepy, tired, or decrease alertness. If this happens, do not drive.
  • Kidney = This medicine should be used with precaution in patients having an impairment of normal kidney function. Use of this medicine is not remind if the impairment is severe.
  • Liver = Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Tablet should be used with precaution in patients with liver disease. Dose adjustment of Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg Tablet may be needed. Please consult your physician.

Important Precaution

  • Do not take this tablet if you’ve had an allergic reaction to it in the past or to any another ingredient that’s found in it.
  • This Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg may cause Dizziness or vision changes.
  • Do not drive, operate machinery, or do anything that could be Dangerous until you know how you react to this tablet.
  • Using this tablet alone, with other medicines, or with alcohol may lessen your ability to drive or to perform other potentially dangerous tasks.
  • To minimize dizziness or lightheadedness, sit up or stand slowly when rising from a seated or lying position.

How To Store Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg

You should store your Valif Oral Jelly 20 Mg below 25°C in a cool dry place away from light and moisture

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