The Real Life Cases Which Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The Real Life Cases Which Cause Erectile Dysfunction

A lot of write-ups talk about how the lack of blood flow in the penis, or the action of PDE5 enzyme leads to erectile dysfunction.

Everything sounds good when observed from the microscopic level, but the general audience doesn’t want to know that.

They are more keen about the habits which contribute to erectile dysfunction.Let’s reveal some of the real-life activities which cause erectile dysfunction.

You Are Too Busy To Think About Your Partner.

When you say to your wife— “Not today honey,” you are averting the sexual session intentionally. That’s what extramarital affair does to a lot of men.

As the emotional strings between the couples get detached, the person loses the interest in physical intimacy.

Avoiding sex for an extended period subdues the sex drive and eventually desensitizes the penis from sexual stimulation.

As a result, you develop erectile dysfunction, and your penis loses the ability to attain a persistent erection.

You Are Brimmed With Guilt.

Sometimes, you are over your extramarital affair, and you plan to route back the relationship with your partner.

But the guilt of the past deeds might affect your psychological state.With the unstable frame of mind, you can’t concentrate on sex.

And if the guilt stays longer than you anticipate, you are more likely to get distracted from sex, and your performance gradually dips.

The diminishing sexual performance forces you to avoid sex which might again command your penis to take a long nap during important sexual sessions.

Your Brain Has A World Of Thoughts

Sex requires hormonal, physiological, and psychological balance, and any discrepancy in the stated three factors might kill your sex life.

When your brain has the thoughts of the entire world, you barely give time to think about sex.

You pour your energy in maneuvering your professional moves, and you carry the repeated stress way back to the home.

The series of thoughts do no right in your relationship, and you fail to give enough sexual space to your brain.

Again, the depleting sexual space in your brain due to excessive professional indulgence might cause erectile dysfunction.

You Create Your Virtual World.

 Pornography is a great medication which sweetens the relationship; however, extreme reliance on pornography— especially the one which you watch alone— pushes you to create your virtual world.

Then you develop a habit where virtual-sex entices or visually appeals you more than the real-sex with your spouse or partner.

It’s when most of the men complain of erectile dysfunction to their wives, but that’s an absurd claim considering men do reap pleasure out of porn.

Hence, they might look to opt out of sex by pressing on the erectile dysfunction issue with their wives but enjoy the exploration of the physical-self using porn.

You Are Overly-Familiar With Your Partner.

The most common push which prevents men from having sex is the over-familiarity of the partners.

When you know your partner in and out, there’s a very little which encourages or triggers your sexual stimulation.

There’s a high possibility that you stop having sex, and over the due course, you develop erectile dysfunction.

But there are also a bunch of men who pretend erectile dysfunction to evade sex while the root cause of sexual disinterest is over-familiarity.The brain needs the new plot, the fresh positions, the raw sexual data.

Because of over-familiarity, sex therapists suggest roleplays, unusual sexual positions, and sex in different locations so that the brain gets the new feed.

Erectile dysfunction is surely a pandemic problem; however, if there were means to measure the lie, a lot of men would refrain from pretending their disorders to cover up their sexual disinterest in the partners.

But if you are really having a hard time getting a hard-penis, switch to our standard mode of medication.

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