How Smartphones Affect Your Sex Life


The latest data shows that mobile phones have outnumbered the population of earth, i.e., there are close to 9 billion mobile connections for 7.6 billion people of the land. [1]

The numbers are significant considering the impact of mobile phones, especially smartphones— in our lives.

An average person spends more than 4 hours on smartphones in a day, and the daily usage steeps up past nine at night during the bedtime. [2]

As smartphones have seeped into our bedrooms as the third element, it is all set to discourage the intensity of our sex lives.

I am no one to judge if it’s right to practice smartphones when you should be furnishing a new love plot; however, the consequences on your sex life will probably teach you a lot about your loss.

Let’s see through some of the bullets which unveil the ill-effects of smartphones on sex life.

Sleeping becomes an uphill task.

Circadian rhythm determines your daily routine.

If you feel dizzy, energized, or sleepy at the same time every day; your circadian rhythm is working correctly.

It’s the rhythm which also decides the secretion of melatonin— the hormone which induces sleep in human.

The studies have proved that smartphones break the circadian rhythm and lead to Circadian rhythm disorder— the disorder which affects the sleep cycle by inhibiting the secretion of melatonin hormones. [3]

Impact on sex life: As the volume of melatonin in the bloodstream reduces, men find it difficult to sleep.

The studies have also demonstrated that poor sleep cycle and lower melatonin are associated with erectile dysfunction in men. [4]

Attention Deficit Problems

The lack of sleep or poor quality of it kills your productivity and makes you feel tired.

Your circadian cycle might also compel you to use the smartphone during night time (as circadian rhythm also defines your addiction).

As smartphone demands your attention, you more or less deviate from the adult playtime.

Impact on sex life: The lack of sleep and extensive reliance on mobile phones distract you from general sexual sessions, and you may develop sexual attention deficit problems.

The problem will restrain your attentiveness during sex.

The reduced decision-making skills

The smartphones release blue light which interferes with your sleeping hormone.As mention, the disturbed sleep hormone also detriments the nature of your sleep.But that’s not it.

The increased use of smartphone inhibits your capabilities to make a wise decision— be it in your personal life or professional life. [5]

Impact on sex life: As you steadily lose control over your decision-making powers, you initiate the wrong sexual steps which you otherwise wouldn’t have.

As it affects your brain power, you might indulge in unprotected sex.

The ever-expanding size

The poor quality of sleep slows down the metabolism in the body.The steady metabolism is a sign of hunger.

Your body may prompt you to address your stomach right before you go to sleep.The midnight cravings and the attention lead to weight gain and obesity.

Impact on sex life: With the ever-expanding belly circumference, the overall testosterone level in the body takes a huge toll. [6]

Testosterone hormones determine your sex drive— the urge to have sex.

The extra fat in the body also reduces the quality of sperm and sperm motility rate, i.e., the ability of the sperm to swim to the fallopian tube towards ovum.

To speak coherently, your weight has a lot to do with the entire sex cycle— be it sexual functioning, sperm production, or sex drive.

Smartphones are ubiquitous, and rightly so— they enhance our lifestyles, they make things pretty easier for us; however, we shall limit our usages so that we enjoy the power of technology and sex at the time without having to compromise on one.

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