When I was in my primaries, my teacher often used to pronounce nature as “the mother nature.”

It always intrigued me that why would she refer nature with that name.Today, with the grown conviction, I know mother nature is the greatest healer as it heals the chronic of chronic diseases.

The elements of the periodic table also belong to nature— and they have distinct therapeutic properties.Let’s go through some of the elements which make our skin healthier than what we could ever think.


With atomic number 30— Zinc is one of the vital elements necessary for our body.

Zinc is reputed for enhancing the cardiovascular activities; however, let’s not restrict it to the same old cliched write-upshift has so much more to offer to our bodies.

For example, it’s phenomenal in boosting the health of the skin— the largest organ in the body— which demands special attention and particular elements like it.

Impact On The Skin

  1. Zinc heals the skin.
  2. It diminishes the layers of oil on the skin which causes acne. It controls and regulates the activity of oil glands and hair follicle subduing the excessive production of oil on the surface.
  3. It fights the free radicals made by the UV rays and air pollutants. The free radicals detriment the quality of the skin by clogging the pores, creating the dark spots, and giving birth to acne.
  4. As zinc possesses antioxidative attributes, it destroys the free-radicals and boosts up the nitric oxide level in the capillaries of the skin. The healthy capillaries mean exceptional skin quality.

Zinc Source: Meat, nuts, seeds, shellfish, dairy, wholegrains


Marking its position comfortably at the number 20 of the periodic table, Calcium has proven its mind-boggling medicinal potencies time and again.

We know how calcium gets linked with the bones, teeth, and anything which need to be toughened.

But we are here to explore unpopular and additional benefits of calcium on the human body.Just as our skin invites proper zinc supplementation, it secretly craves for calcium as well.

Impact On The Skin

  1. Calcium replenishes your body with the healthy skin cells time and again.
  2. Our body needs regular cell turnover for converting older skin cells into the newer ones. It’s impossible with the presence of calcium. Calcium regulates the cell differentiation which replaces the old skin cells with the new ones.
  3. It also regenerates the quality skin surface. The absence of Calcium would slow down the regeneration phase of your skin which would ultimately make your skin cracky, fragile, and thinner— the symptoms of aging.
  4. There’s no direct relation between calcium and acne; however, a study claims that calcium improves the insulin sensitivity in the type-2 diabetic body. So, what’s the point? The point is— diabetic patients have poor blood circulation in the capillaries behind the skin— the leading cause of itchy and acne-prone skin. Hence, calcium might indirectly improve the quality of the surface. [1]

Calcium Source: Milk, Nuts, Tofu, Flour-breads, soya beans


Selenium (34 atomic number) is one of the underrated elements because we often skip elements beyond the 30th element.

Moreover, our body needs a small portion of Selenium.

Hence, it might not be of great use, but let me burst your bubble— the minute amount of selenium has multitudinous benefits in nourishing your skin.

Impact On The Skin

  1. Selenium is the main component behind the production of the antioxidant enzymes— the catalysts which produce other antioxidant nutrients to fend off acne and cyst causing free radicals.
  2. By nature, Selenium is also an antioxidant which protects other antioxidants like vitamin E for controlling the clogged pores and acne breakouts.
  3. It also prevents the cell destruction of the skin and other parts of the body.

Selenium Source: Brazil nuts, Flour, Ham, Chicken, Beef, Turkey, etc

If you can’t wait to see the action of your favorite elements, you can introduce them in your diet via medicinal supplement.

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