How To Know If Your Skin Is Sensitive

How To Know If Your Skin Is Sensitive

I wish every person had a distinct guiding manual right during birth for their lives for they could get enlightened about certain things like diseases and the ways to control them.

I’d personally love “god’s manual” which would say— “you have hit the puberty, go get some sex,” or “your skin is turning sensitive, better take care of it.”

But unfortunately, there’s no clear definition of sensitive skin despite millions of people get affected by it every year across the globe.

But as humans have brains, they have made their manuals to describe a sensitive skin.

You should go through these bullets to check whether your skin is sensitive.Let’s take a close look.

You Are A Martian— And Your Skin Is Red.

The redness on your skin would have been reasonable if you were on Mars; however, the planet earth indicates abnormalities if your skin gets red.It’s the most basic symptom of sensitive skin.

A lot of factors contribute to the redness and flushing of your skin which includes extreme weather or sudden change in the climate.

It’s a fancy way to say that we are carrying a lot of blood beneath the skin surface— credits to vasodilation.

Your Skin Is Itchy— And So Is Your Body.

Again, it’s one of the common irritating reactions on sensitive skin.When the irritants come in contact with the skin, it retaliates by giving itchy sensation.It’s a type of an abnormal immune response which leads to itchy feeling.

A lot of irritants like dermatitis (poison ivy, poison oak, etc.), insect bite, medication may cause skin itchy; however, if it turns itchy in a cold environment, you need to rush to the doctor.

You Are A Molten Magma— Your Skin Feels Burned.

If you feel that your skin is burning like molten magma, you probably have sensitive skin.

Burning sensation of the skin is pretty much the same as an itchy sensation— it’s the abnormal reaction which your immune system reflects when it comes in contact with allergens like poison ivy and oak.

If the surrounding around you is clean, cold, and allergen-free; and you observe these symptoms, you should confer with the doctor to confirm the effect of skin diseases.

Your Skin Has Dry Patches Although You Are Not Necessarily Old.

You may look old despite being in your 30s and 40s— credits to your over-sensitive skin.The over-sensitive skin doesn’t have adequate hydration; it seeps in too much sun and hates allergens.

When it comes in contact with the allergens, the series of chain reaction may create dry patches to surface on it.

If you have skin conditions such as Eczema, it worsens with allergens like molds, food, dust mites, and pollen which later causes inflammation and dryness at the same time.

Your Skin Refuses To Mix With Fragrance.

It’s a piece of bad news if you want to smell good on your date or for a prom-night.

With sensitivity sprawled over your body, your skin refuses to comply with the fragrance such as perfumes and deodorants.

To make your condition worse, even natural fragrance doesn’t behave well with the over-sensitive skin.

You will be left teary-eyed, and your skin will get inflamed.The only way you could go about it is by buying fragrance-free products.

Your Broken Capillaries Are Visible.

If you possess sensitive skin, the piling of protecting layers will get less over time.

Since the skin gets depleted on the surface, the broken capillaries are visible on the frontend— mostly on the nose and cheeks.

Anyone with sensitive skin has a higher probability of developing broken yet visible capillaries.

You Hate The Sun.

Well, you need to bring out high emotional reserve to hate the Sun; howbeit, you will hate it if you have sensitive skin.

You get out of your place, and all you do is find yourself in an itchy, red-form.

It means that your skin is photosensitive and it needs protection from the UV ray attacks.Only you and your kind could run the sunscreen and hat making industry.

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