Imagine a scenario where you are sexually exploring your physical-self, and you sense a hard-substance within your breast. Or think of a situation when your partner fondles your breast only to find a huge lump.

Well, that’s how a lot of women discover the probability of breast cancer in the world.And it is why the number of breast cancer cases have surged to a whole new height.

In the United States Of America, out of every eight women, one has breast cancer, i.e., roughly 12% of the women’s population. [1]Now, that’s a considerable number considering a lot of cases go unreported.

So, you could be the next victim of breast cancer. But the point is— how do you find that you are one of its victims?

Let’s check some of the early symptoms of breast cancer so that you take a moment of notice to avoid significant threats.

The change in size and shape of the breast

The first step towards detecting the symptoms is by examining the breast.You don’t have to examine it every day or even weekly.

Keep a close look at it right before menstruation, during periods, and precisely after the periods.If you feel the same about your breast, it’s completely alright.

If you find it engorged than the usual and stays longer, and if it is lumpier than ever, then you’d like to confer with the doctor.

Sometimes, the engorged feeling goes after the menstruation.That’s completely normal, and you don’t need to worry about it.

The overnight appearance of the lump

The lump is the most common symptom of breast cancer.It may take years or sometimes even days to get developed, and it may appear overnight.

The lumps are not necessarily cancerous ones; however painless lumps are one of the vital signs of breast cancer.Injuries or infection also cause them.

In most of the cases, the painful lumps have more to do with the inflammation rather than cancer.

The discharge from the nipple

The discharge from the nipple comes in the variety of forms— be it white, yellow, or sometimes even the bloody release.

In the non-pregnant women, nipple discharge could be alarming, and in most of the cases require medical attention.

A lot of factors lead to nipple discharge; however, it’s one of the concerning symptoms of breast cancer.

If you have a lump and nipple discharge at the same time, you are more likely to be suffering from it.

The redness or red spot on the nipple

The red rashes or red nipples are widespread in women and have no relation to cancer more often than not.

However, it could be the early symptoms of breast cancer.The cancer cells lead to inflammatory activity on the skin making it red.

If you observe the redness on your nipples accompanied by the symptoms mentioned above, there are chances that you are cancer-stuck.

The additional lookouts

Breast cancer is not restricted to the breast itself.Although a lot of women get too alarmed to check the size, shape, and the overall condition of the breast; they are likely to overlook the regions around it.

Breast cancer might produce a lump in the armpit region.The lump and the redness might also swell your collarbone region.

In the inflammatory breast cancer condition, the cancer cells divide much faster than the usual breast cancer, and they reach to the different organs of the body including the neck or shoulders.

If you find more than three active symptoms in your breast, you shall be rushing to your doctor.

The best part about breast cancer is— a lot is being done for the awareness of it, and there’s a whole new dedicated cancer treatment for breast cancer.[1]

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