FAQs Related To Prostate Cancer

Faqs Related To Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer often comes up without any symptom.It’s the reason why a lot of men affected by it get diagnosed much later.

Although not many men die with it, the lack of symptoms and a little negligence might end a few lives.

Hence, it’s time you get serious about your health and learn everything related to prostate cancer.

In the given series, we shall cover some of the frequently asked questions.Let’s take a glance at them.

Can Prostate Cancer Affect My Sexuality?

Prostate cancer is related to your reproductive organ. The treatment involves surgeries and radiation therapies including chemotherapy in the pelvic area. The cancer medication sometimes damages the nerve which carries blood in the penile region. As a result, it causes erectile dysfunction. Moreover, the therapies may also affect the proteins which catalyze the growth of testosterone— the primary sex hormone. The cancer treatment also induces anxiety and depression. Although physiological factors cause 90% of the ED cases; anxiety and depression contribute significantly to ED as psychological factors.

Do Women Get Affected By Prostate Cancer?

The question is fascinating because women don’t have a prostate; however, they have a homologous prostate gland which works similar to the men’s prostate gland— and it is known as skene gland. The Skene Gland represents the anterior wall of the vagina and is located at the lower end of the urethra. There have been a few claims which suggest that in embryonic form, women’s Skene gland works as prostate which later reduces to the size of Skene. The point of drawing analogy between Skene and Prostate is— women do develop cancer tumors in Skene. Although it’s scarce, it exists. Moreover, recent lab tests have revealed that prostate cancer from men might get transmitted to women. The test is astonishing in a number of ways; however, there’s a lot to be studied about it. [1]

What Happens After Prostate Removal?

The prostate gets removed by Open radical prostatectomy. With radiation therapy, the small nerves in the penis detriments and erection become a problem (although it varies for person to person). However, men don’t need an erection to get an orgasm. As prostate produces the semen liquid, the removal of the prostate and seminal vesicles would mean there wouldn’t be any semen. Hence, men may get a dry orgasm— the orgasm which doesn’t ejaculate semen but produces the same pleasurable feeling.

Is Prostate Therapy Painful?

Prostate removal is a result of Open radical prostatectomy. The surgery gets carried by incision. Hence, patients might get a painful sensation around the incised area. The incision takes place around the abdomen region. Thus, you may have to bear pain around the abdomen region. The pain is temporary, and it tones down with time.

Can A Man With Removed Prostate Impregnate A Woman?

As we know, the prostate is the leading creator of semen. With prostate removed, a man may enjoy satisfying sex as good as pre-prostate removal; however, he loses the ability to ejaculate. Hence, men will get the dry orgasm which means he will shoot with the gun but without the bullets.

Where Does The Sperm Go After Prostate-Removal?

The ejaculated matter has a combination of sperm cells and seminal fluid. With prostate removed, men don’t get semen to amalgamate with the sperm cells. The body still produces the sperm which longs for semen; however, in lack or absence of semen, the body absorbs the sperm back.

Can You Dwindle Your Prostate?

In the enlarged prostate, the frequency of urination rises. It’s one of the common by-products of getting old just like the greying of hair. There are particular medications which stop the enlargement of the prostate and make urination a smooth process.

For further information on prostate cancer, feel free to shoot your queries in the comment section.[1]

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