Q&A Relating To Penis

Q&A Relating To Penis

Penis has to be one of the best organs in the body; unlike, other organs, it does two jobs— throwing out the body waste and watering the sexual urge.

But people of developing and emerging country take a unique use of penis, i.e., they look for the tiny shaft in babies to determine whether the baby is a boy.

So, right from childhood, penis resolves a lot of questions, and it also demands answers for a lot of questions.

In the given piece, we shall unveil some of the best questions surrounding penis and surgeries to make things easier for your sexual sessions.

So, here are they.

Does Circumcision Affect The Sexual Experience Of The Partner?

While more than 1/3rd of the world is circumcised and the trend gaining traction through the globe, the question seems valid whether circumcised penis induces different sexual experience for the partners.

There’s no obvious answer for it as it’s purely based on the partner’s preference.

Ask yourself why you would enjoy a circumcised penis over an uncircumcised one with foreskin?

A lot of women concerned about safe sex enjoy circumcised penis without having to fear about sexually transmitted diseases whereas the cleanliness of the foreskin penis is way too challenging to manage.

Since it catches infection much steadily than the circumcised one, the relaxed state of other partners helps them to reap pleasure without caution.

Likewise, women who like to have soft, smooth, and less painful sex prefer a penis with foreskin.

As the sensitivity of the foreskin is too high, the uncircumcised men don’t feel the urge to penetrate more for attaining the sexual nirvana.

Hence, both types of penises are accepted; however, what incites a partner varies due to personal preferences.

What Are Some Of The Potential Complications Encircling Circumcision?

Since circumcision is widely popular for body hygiene, the method for circumcising a penis has bettered in the past few years.

Although it’s practiced with meticulous safety, it may bring certain kind of complications such as unstoppable bleeding, difficulty in blood clotting, infection, inflammation, etc.

Moreover, the entire process is dependent on the accuracy of the doctor.

In the worst case, you may lose more foreskin than what you wished, and in other cases, the insufficient foreskin removal will induce operational guilty.

To further aggravate your condition, even the healing process may turn abnormal and complicate things for the penis.

The abnormal healing involves the foreskin reattaching with the penis.

Other complexities such as inclusion cyst, phimosis, and curvature make circumcision a bad experience for many.

When Does Penis Need Surgery?

Nothing instills adversaries as penile surgery— after all, it’s the sign of manhood and men harvest pleasure out of it; however, you have no choice other than to live with penile surgery in conditions as mentioned.

  1. Erectile dysfunction: If you are constrained from using ED medicines, or if nothing improves your penile condition, penile surgery might help you achieve the lost power of persistent erection at your will.
  2. Penile cancer: It’s rare cancer which affects 10 out of every 1 million males. In the early stages, the doctors dissipate the cancerous tumor from the penis by demolishing it. But in the later stages, they may have to perform penectomy— the operational act which involves removing the penis and other reproductive organs, thereby making a man penis-less.
  3. Peyronie’s disease: It’s a disease which bents the penis, henceforth making it difficult for the men to penetrate a curved penis. The curvature in the penis may bring pain and inflammation which further push them away from enjoying sex by magnifying ED possibilities.

Is Penile Surgery The Only Option?

No. You don’t need penile surgery as long as you can survive with the disorder; however, with the conditions such as penis cancer, you have no choice other than to go for it.

For other conditions such as penile curvature and erectile dysfunction, you may not need surgery as other means of medication such as generic Viagra, Cialis, Collagenase, etc. may resolve your issues.

You can also use other static methods such as vacuum penile pumps, penile injections, etc. for treating these problems.

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