Do you often stuff your refrigerator with the rotund, sweet, and vibrant fruit— papaya?

Now, it’s the perfect time for you to run to the refrigerator and gulp the mouth-watering slices of it.

And its importance sores up to the blue skies if you’d find the historical association between it and sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction.

Honestly, the link between the two needs more clinical research with the obvious observation; however, we can explore the dynamics of Papaya in treating it.So, let’s rub our hands and start connecting the dots.

Papaya Has Anti-Inflammatory Content.

Papaya is phytochemical-ladened which, from a broader perspective, means that it has several compounds such as alkaloids, flavonoid, saponins, etc.

Each phytochemical has a role to play when it reaches into your system’s circulation.

These phytochemicals including flavonoids and alkaloids play a crucial role as anti-inflammatory agents. [1]

For decades, researchers have been trying to isolate phytochemicals to study their probable therapeutic effect, and it goes pretty much the same with papaya phytochemicals.

Another in vivo and in vitro study demonstrates that the phytochemicals in Papaya work as anti-inflammatory agents. [2]

How inflammation causes erectile dysfunction: Since erectile dysfunction is a multifactorial disease, a lot of factors may contribute to it.

Some of the case studies show that people who have arthritis— inflammatory diseases— develop impotence.

The inflammation of the disease reaches the small penile vessels which eventually blocks the blood flow, thereby leading to sexual dysfunction.

How Papaya treats erectile dysfunction: As mentioned, Papaya possesses anti-inflammatory capabilities.

Tossing daily dose of Papaya on your breakfast plate can reduce the symptoms of arthritis, henceforth reducing the inflammatory effect disseminated to the genitals. [3]

Thus, bridling inflammation may take care of penile erection consequently.

Papaya Manages The Cholesterol Level.

As discussed, the phytochemicals in Papaya have a distinct role to cover of which one of the crucial tasks is to manage the cholesterol level in the body.

As it’s jam-packed with Vitamin C, Fiber, and antioxidants, it controls the cholesterol level by hiking good cholesterol and suppressing the bad one. [4]

The bad cholesterol forms plaque in the blood vessels, thereby restricting the blood flow through organs.

Jammed blood vessels increase the strain on the heart as they demand faster and volume blood pump in less time which finally results in degraded cardiovascular operations. [5]

How cholesterol causes erectile dysfunction: As bad cholesterol blocks the arteries which advance to the several parts of the body, there’s a possibility that it may replicate the same for penile vessels as well.

And in most cases, erectile dysfunction is a physiological case— either penis doesn’t receive enough blood for the erection, or the brain doesn’t interpret the sexual stimulation due to low cGMP level.

How Papaya treats erectile dysfunction: By organizing good cholesterol for the body, Papaya ensures that the arteries of your penis conduct blood seamlessly without any plaque barrier.

Furthermore, the antioxidant properties help blood vessel carry healthy blood to the penis which primarily fulfills the requisite of erection.

Papaya Governs Your Digestive System.

Along with the active phytochemicals, Papaya has super-enzyme which governs the abnormal digestive system and dysfunction.

Papaya has papain as a fruitful enzyme which works as a digestive aid.

As it has a colossal water and fiber content, it keeps constipation and other digestive dysfunctions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) at bay. [6]

How digestive issues cause erectile dysfunction: Digestive issues are often linked to metabolic syndrome.

Metabolic syndromes have earned a bad reputation in altering the rate of blood flow by blocking the arteries of the penis.

Again, it’s substantially visible that blocked arteries lead to erectile dysfunction.

Some reviews reflect that digestive problems like IBS hit the sexuality in either gender with men being more prone to erectile dysfunction and women to loss of vaginal lubrication. [7]

How Papaya treats erectile dysfunction: Since Papaya regulates the healthy digestive tract, you are less likely to have digestion problems.

And with the clearer stomach, Papaya can control both the physiological and psychological factors related to digestion which sooner or later improves penile function.

So, are you having it tonight for having a “dickhead-banging session?”

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