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Generic Drugs Sildenafil Citrate
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Description Of Manforce 100 Mg

Manforce 100 Mg relaxes the smooth muscles present in the wall of blood vessels and helps in increasing the flow of blood in certain specific areas of the body. It is used for the treatment of ED disorders and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Name Of Drug =Sildenafil

Composition Quantity = 100 Mg

Manforce 100 Mg Formulator =Mankind Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Therapeutic Uses Of Manforce 100 Mg

Follow directions on the product label, information guide, and provided by your doctor before using Manforce 100 Mg. Eat Manforce 100 Mg as per your doctor of instructions.

Manforce 50 Mg is eaten with or without food. Avoid taking Manforce with the high-fat meal as it may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Manforce 100 Mg is eaten around 1 hour before sexual activity. Manforce 100 Mg is not effective in the absence of sexual arousal.

Side Effects Of Manforce 100 Mg

  • Headache
  • Flushing
  • Bloody nose
  • Indigestion
  • Sleeplessness
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Bloody and cloudy urine
  • Burning, numbness, tingling in the arms and feet

How To Take Manforce 100 Mg

It works best if it’s taken almost one hour before sexual activity. To get an erection, you will need to be sexually stimulated. Doctors usually recommend taking 100 Mg once per day, but the dosage can be decreased to 25 Mg or increased to 100 mg if needed. Do not take more than one dose every 24 hours. It cannot be performed at the same time as other medications used to treat male erectile dysfunction problems. You should not take it with a high-fat meal, because it can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Swallow Femalegra 100 Mg Pills it as a whole. Do not chew, crush or break it.

Avoid Drug While Taking Manforce 100 Mg

  • You should avoid taking alcohol
  • Avoid Smoking
  • You should avoid Driving or Machine Operating Jobs
  • You must avoid taking any medicine without prescription or knowledge of your doctor

General Interaction

Take Manforce 100 Mg as instructed by the doctor. Do not consume this medicine in larger or smaller quantities than recommended. Follow the dosage regimen if this medicine is taken for treating Pulmonary Hypertension. Take Manforce 100 Mg at least 30-60 minutes before sexual activity if taken for erection disorders.

What Are Dosage Instruction Of Manforce 100 Mg

  • Manforce 100 Mg
  • Manforce 50 Mg

How Does Manforce 100 Mg Work?

Powerful and trusted component Sildenafil Citrate in this ED treating pill has the ability for controlling the activities of enzyme present in the penile region. Manforce 100 Mg pill is known for working sensationally by boosting up the flow of blood and loosening arterial blockages in the penile region. It eventually helps man to have a stiffer penile that stays for a longer time. The medication is known for working only when it is taken in presence of complete sexual stimulation. Sildenafil Citrate component in the pill in the medication is known for delivering effectiveness only when the medication is consumed in presence of sexual arousal.

Warning During Take Manforce 100 Mg

  • Alcohol = Use of alcohol should be avoided or kept to a minimal level while you are taking Manforce 100 Mg Tablet. Symptoms like dizziness, fainting, flushing, persistent headaches should be reported to the doctor
  • Pregnancy = Manforce 100 Mg is not recommended for consumption by pregnant women unless clearly needed. Consult a doctor and discuss the benefits and risks before taking this medicine.
  • Lactation = Manforce 100 Mg use of this medicine should be avoided by nursing mothers. Consult your doctor so that suitable substitute may be advised.
  • Kidney = Report the incidence of any kidney disease to the doctor. Use of Manforce 100 Mg Tablet is not required in patients having severe kidney impairment. If the impairment is mild then this medicine can be used with suitable dose adjustments.
  • Liver = Manforce 100 Mg Pills should be used with caution in patients with severe liver disease. Dose adjustment of Manforce 100 Mg Pills may be needed. Please consult your doctor before tacking medicine.

Important Precaution

Before you use Manforce 100 Mg, tell your doctor of your medical and health history including the following:

  • bleeding disorder
  • blood circulation problems
  • cancer of blood cells (leukemia)
  • cancer of white blood cells (multiple myeloma)
  • chest pain (angina)
  • deformed penis shape
  • diabetes
  • eye disease
  • have had blockage of veins in the lungs (PVOD)

How To Store Manforce 100 Mg

Store Manforce 100 Mg store at 15-30°C (59-86°F) temperature, away from excess moisture, and away from light. Keep this medicine away from children and pets.

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