Losing Interest In Sex Or Losing Interest In The Partner

Losing Interest In Sex Or Losing Interest In The Partner

Have you fallen under the cliched trap of “Oh, honey! I am losing the sexual interest because of the stress and the workload?”

I call it a trap because “your honey” might be taking you to the deceiving ride.

You are being fooled around with the term “I have lost sexual interest” because your partner has actually “lost interest in you,” and have been making the sexual interest the ultimate scapegoat.

If you don’t believe me, observe your partner and check out these evidence, and if they stand true— either talk them out or GET A NEW PARTNER.

Here’s how to find whether your partner is pulling the wool over your eyes in the name of sexual interest.

He Watches Too Much Pornography.

Well, it’s beyond explanation that your partner is losing sexual interest but enjoys pornography.

The couples with a healthy sex life take full advantage of pornography and add a variety of adventures and facets in their sessions.

However, if your partner loves watching porn for the sake of personal enjoyment and not for elevating the sexual relationship, he has likely lost all the sexual charm and excitement with you.

He Secretly Enjoys Jerking-Off Sessions.

Just with a slight observation, you can make out the reality of your partner’s sexual interest.

If you catch them jerking off without your help or your knowledge; they are probably looking beyond you. You can also notice their bathing period because that’s where most of the world winks off.

If you detect an uneven bathing pattern— some extremely long sessions and some shorter ones, your partner is presumably exploring his own physical self.

Of course, masturbating is natural and it’s not a big deal; howbeit, if your partner complains about the sexual interest— it’s a plain lie. It’s all about your dull face and overly-explored body.

His Morning Boners Don’t Lie.

Morning boners are involuntary— well, for men— boners are spontaneous.

The idea to emphasize on morning boners is to see to it whether your partner is lying about the sexual interest.

If your partner has lost all the sexual interest and claims miles away from the sexual desire, his boner should answer your doubt. Morning boners don’t lie because the subconscious brain doesn’t lie.

With morning boner, it will be crystal clear that the subconscious mind of your partner still prefers sex— just not with you.

He Is Unable To Mask Off Curiosity.

The honeymoon period of any relationship is the best period because that’s when our brains are very curious in determining the traits and habits of another individual.

If your partner asserts the loss of sexual interest, follow the social media accounts closely.

The body with low sex drive and loss of sexual interest have a low level of sex hormones and high level of cortisol— the “feeling-deprived” hormone which kills the mood, interest, and curiosity to explore someone.

If the declarations of your partner are valid, he’d have no interest or curiosity in learning about anyone.

As the curiosity to know someone is driven by the sex hormones in the background— if your partner loves making new friends (opposite sex if your partner is straight), you have your answers.

Your partner is not curious for you because he is overly-familiarized with your nature, and if he ends up in describing “sexual interest” as the “whipping boy,” it’s high time for you to take charge.

He’s Sexually Charged Up With The Alcohol.

If your partner doesn’t enjoy adult playtime with the sober mood and takes massive delight in the same with alcohol on— your partner is likely right this time.

Alcohol is known to inhibit the psychological discrepancy which dampens sexual desire.

As psychological factors affect the sexual urge, alcohol prohibits his brain from going back to the same mental state, thereby making sex an easier task for him.

In some of the cases, if your partner frequently takes pleasure out of drunk sex, and not otherwise— your partner is unleashing sexual animality which he hides behind the “loss of sexual interest” during soberness.

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