Give Up 4 Food Items To Attain Virility


Are you always on your toes to find about aphrodisiac food items for adding the power to your sexual armor?

Well, it’s good to find out what’s suitable for your sex life.However, do you ever think of reversing the process?

How about finding out the “anti-aphrodisiac” food items which decay the sex life more than the “aphrodisiac” food listicles which enhance it?

If you have been stuffing aphrodisiac and anti-aphrodisiac foods into your breadbasket simultaneously, you’re negating the potent effect of the “sex-enhancing” substances.

If you really want sex-boosting materials to work in your favor, start with giving up the food items which cuts down your sexual desire and induce sexual disorders.

Let’s pledge to give these items— right here, right now.

No soft corner for the soft and aerated drinks

Soft drinks are not soft on your sex conditions.They are rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates.

The high level of sugar and carbs get converted into glucose which may swim on the bloodstream aggravating the existing chronic disorders like diabetes.

A lot of studies have bridged diabetes with erectile dysfunction because it damages the nerves in the penile region which makes it extremely difficult for it to sustain persistent blood flow for the erection.

The carbonated soft drink also increases obesity and accumulates visceral fat in the body, thereby linking erectile dysfunction with soft drinks. [1]

So, burn the soft corner of your heart and work on the hard head of your penis.

Shooting down the cravings for fried food items

The people who say it’s worth dying for fried food items are literally dying— without their consensus.

But not all die— some develop poor sexual health with the fried items.

Your inability to keeping distance with the fried items is slowly poisoning your sex life by gathering fat around your waist and abdomen region.Fat cells work very similarly to the viruses as they love replication.

A fat person continues to grow hefty because fat cells make their copies in the presence of essential enzymes, and more the weight, the higher the risk of erectile dysfunction and other comorbid issues like high cholesterol. [2]

Shooting down the cravings for the fried items not only prevents you from magnifying your belly-circumference but also keeps the threat of sexual disorders at bay.

Disrespecting the process of making processed food

Processed food items involve canning with the preservatives and other chemicals so that the quality of the food stands still.

You may get to lick your fingers, but your spouse may won’t get the opportunity to enjoy oral sex.

The recent studies on the processed food packaging disclose that the chemical used in the cans, bottles, etc., i.e., Bisphenol A shrinks the sex drive and causes the penile dysfunction. [2]

It’s applied on the cans so that we don’t intake the metal leftover on our food.

Although the process takes care that you are not eating or drinking the stale item or the metal of the cans, you are eventually ending up in feeding the chemical.

It’s not a reasonable barter because to avoid metal; you are taking other chemicals.If you really want to get back your virility and begin with something, start with disrespecting the process of processed food items.

White flour is a black blot.

The world doesn’t call white flour the “glue of the gut” without rhyme and reason. White flours are like plastics.

They are slow to digest and congest the system just as plastics are slow to degrade and congest the oceans.

They make the entire metabolic system sluggish, thereby interfering with the digestive health of a person.

In one of the reviews, it got revealed that the weak digestive system and disturbed bowel functioning had relation with the degraded sex conditions. [4]

So, white flours are black slimes in your sex life.

If you have been longing to get back your virility, look for what you are having as your diet rather than what you want in your food list— probably because your current diet plays far-impacting roles than the diet which you haven’t accepted yet.

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