FAQs Related To Erectile Dysfunction


I love the unbiased nature of erectile dysfunction— it can affect anyone across the length of the globe.

Even diseases such as cancer are sometimes demography-specific, but when it comes to erectile dysfunction— it views the entire world via the same spectrum.

It’s common in Africans, it is pandemic in sub-continent, it is incredibly prevalent in the developed countries, and where not.

As the rate of ED-related cases has surged, it’s natural that a lot of questions bubble out of the heads.Let’s go through some of the frequently thought and asked questions.

Whom should I confer with for my ED issue?

A lot of people can help you in fending off your impotence— your partner, a personal trainer, and sometimes, even your friends. But when it comes to proper medical attention, the role of urologist increases. Urologists specialize in the anatomy of reproductive organs and diseases related to it. They are the pack of the leaders whom you should look to confer without fail; however, the indirect involvement of other specialists is equally essential. For example, impotence is also caused by a poor cardiovascular condition. In that case, the medical therapy conducted by the cardiologist poses significant positives for ED. Similarly, if you are a diabetic patient, your endocrinologist is an essential evaluator of your condition. As ED is a multifactorial issue, any specialist is a crucial member of your anti-ED team.

What is the most effective treatment for ED?

It’s a piece of great news that the upsurging number of cases have led to the myriad of medical options in the therapeutic arena. There was a time when people didn’t report ED because of the humiliation it brought. But with the condensed efforts of researchers, we are in the medicine-full era. Doctors generally start with prescribing the nonsurgical medicines which include any of Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Tadalafil, Udenafil, or Avanafil. With the accouchement of generic-tablets, the medication for erectile dysfunction has never been this affordable. If the remedy fails to impress the situation, a patient can resort to other means like a penile pump. Under the extreme circumstances, doctors nod a yes for surgeries which deal with implanting the penis for artificial erection.

Can drinking water attenuate erectile dysfunction?

A lot of factors contribute to erectile dysfunction. A recent study has suggested that the lack of hydration or dehydration might cause erectile dysfunction. Water is an essential element for survival. A dehydrated body might observe the low-blood volume. The less blood volume in the body also affects the mood. With low-blood in the body and the affected mood, men may find it difficult in erection.

Can erectile dysfunction surface overnight?

In most of the cases, erectile dysfunction is a steady process which gets catalyzed by a series of physical problems like cardiovascular problems, diabetes neuropathy, high blood pressure, obesity; however, if the issue appears overnight, it’s more likely to be happening by the psychological reasons. Psychological causes such as stress and depression come to people overnight or the very next moment. They may overcharge your emotions and might make erectile dysfunction visible overnight.

Does erectile dysfunction go on its own?

In a lot of cases, erectile dysfunction disappears on its own. As psychological issues like stress and depression often cause erectile dysfunction, any change in the mental state might attenuate the disorder on its own. If the erectile dysfunction stays for a longer duration— may be more than 20 to 30% of your sexual sessions, then you should rush to consult your doctor.

How many times should a man get an erection in a day?

Well, it’s highly relative; however, studies say that an average penis gets an erection for 10 to 12 times a day. If your penis does well during sexual courses but doesn’t get erected during the other times of the day, you should make a note of it. Less number of erection might signify the adversaries of ED.

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