3 Easy Exercises For Controlling Diabetes

3 Easy Exercises For Controlling Diabetes

We come across one diabetic patient in every household. If you jog back your memory, I’m sure you will get across at least one name of your family member who is suffering from this life-long disease.

It can be called a curse on humankind as it takes away from you the independence to eat your favorite food, be it sweets or those finger-licking French fries.

But did you know you can control diabetes only with a few days to day activities? You will be shocked to know how easy it is to maintain your normal health. Hate the gym?

Good news, here are three great exercises which will definitely bring a drastic change in your health.

But it is vital that you take your time and go slow in the beginning and then increase the intensity.


The main reason behind diabetes is the inability of muscles to metabolize insulin and glucose in our body properly.

It happens when you have a poor cardiovascular proceeding. So, people who like staying indoors working in front of their computers all day or just chilling are more prone to this disease.

The only way to prevent it is by answering to your necessity of cardiovascular activities. What can be a better way to worn out your muscles than walking? [1]

It is the easiest form of exercise that many people can take up without any professional help. If your office is at a manageable distance, walk to the place instead of taking a vehicle.

In that way, you will not have to take out extra time for exercise. But it is important to remember that walking at your pace is not going to help you fight diabetes.

Brisk walking at a speed that raises the heartbeat and pumps more blood to the heart is considered an aerobic exercise.

What happens is due to brisk walking your body runs out of oxygen and tries to intake more and more oxygen.

Meanwhile, the body tries to use up the stored excess fat and glucose in the muscles to replenish the deficiency of oxygen (energy).

In the process, the fat gets burnt out and helps in lowering your risk of obesity and high cholesterol levels, both of which are reasons for type 2 diabetes.

Regular cardio exercise even lowers the stress and increases your stamina. Walking is the most gentle exercise for your body so even if you are someone suffering from arthritis or extra weight you can easily pull it off.


Diabetes can prove to be a very evil disease at certain times.It blocks the blood flow to the extremities of certain nerves as a result of which you can lose sensation to specific body parts like your feet.

Swimming is the best option for them as it does not puts much pressure on the joints. [2]Water helps to carry your body weight and makes you float easily.

One thing which you must already have been aware of is that people with diabetes should strictly avoid injuries or even minor cuts or blisters as they take a lot of time to heal. Advise your loved ones to choose swimming over any other exercise.

Stationary Bicycling

Just like the other two, bicycling also falls under aerobic exercise. It strengthens the action of the heart and the lungs. [3]

It is ideal for aged people as they do not have to go out and burn out some calories in the comfort of their own home. You can do it every day, for say, 20 minutes without worrying about the weather.

It improves the blood flow to the legs as well as other parts of the body which helps in controlling the sugar level.

Try out these exercises and let us know the changes that these have brought in your life. I am sure you would not be disappointed.

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