Putting Bitter Gourd To Good Medical Uses (Part 1)

Putting Bitter Gourd To Good Medical Uses (Part 2)

Bitter gourd, if put to the right use, can be one of the exemplary green vegetables for treating the variety of medical conditions.

Does your mother run after your life to give you a hint of bitter gourd on your taste bud, and you being a reluctant chap come up with tons of reasons to avoid it?+

I know it’s hard to believe as a child considering its sharp taste; however, the sooner you admit it, the earlier you reap its benefit.

It’s not rocket science that it’s beyond your power to relish its taste; nevertheless, once you will put it to medical use, you will hail it as one of the best vegetables available in the market.

So, let’s put our fingers on each of its therapeutic benefits.

It Adds Folate Before It’s Too Late

Your body needs folate— a type of Vitamin B which takes care of a lot of body functions.

Bitter gourd— in each of its 100 grams serving— provides 20% of folate to the circulatory system.

Generally, lack of folic acid or folate affects the women who bear a child which may lead to as severe as congenital disabilities and neural tube defects.

Apart from this, folic acid sees to it that the cells of your body get enough oxygen for better operation.

When your system fumbles to get folic acid good enough, the red blood cells don’t receive the requisite amount of oxygen which eventually leads to abnormality causing the blood cells to clog and magnify.

The mentioned condition is linked with Anemia.

Administering folate into your body regulates your blood pressure, fends off Anemia, and empowers victory over the neural tube defects— the condition in which neural problems create abnormalities in the brain, spinal cord, and spine of the fetus.

So, bitter gourd with high folate content may give your life a revolutionizing turn— especially when it comes to taking care of your blood cells.

It Shoots Electron Arrows on The Free Radicals

Free radicals are nothing but unpaired electrons which are on their toes to snatch atoms from your cells, tissues, and entire body.

The process leads to several problems in your body including inflammation, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, and as dangerous as cancer growth.

Since they are hyperactive bummers who torment everyone on their way home, they need vigorous enforcement which could control their activities.

Antioxidants chip in as ideal enforcement directors which release charged electron and fit it precisely beside the uncharged electron for toning down the activity of free radicals.

For you to prolong the onset of free radical based diseases, choosing bitter gourd can play an active role.

It has beta carotenes, xanthenes, and lutein as antioxidants where each one of them acts differently for your body. [1]

For example, beta carotene is a precursor to Vitamin A, i.e., Vitamin A springs out of it which later performs tens of activities for the body.

It’s The Panacea For Multiple Disorders.

Bitter gourd has been a natural alternative medicine especially in subcontinent areas such as India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Here’s the quick list of multiple benefits. [2]

1. anti-diabetic,
2. anti-ulcer,
3. laxative,
4. anti-helminthic,
5. antimalarial activities,
6. anti-cancer,
7. the panacea for respiratory diseases and rheumatism.

It has been studied for multiple-decades in which both in vivo and in vitro results confirm that it suffocates a lot of disorders as adverse as metabolic diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Furthermore, it offers great relief against respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, asthma, and hay fever (rhinitis).

Since it possesses anti-inflammatory properties, it ensures that the swollen airways come back to the normal state, thereby allowing free inhalation and exhalation of the air without any disturbance in the lungs.

Moreover, when you belch out sputum (the mixture of cough and saliva) during respiratory problems, the expectorant behavior of bitter gourd clears off all the cough from the airway to make breathing process a smoother one.

So, instead of being a couch potato, stand tall and shop bitter gourd— who knows, you need it the maximum for your body?

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Putting Bitter Gourd To Good Medical Uses (Part 1)
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