FAQs Related To Acne


In a beauty-conscious world, acne is a sin.It brings hundreds of hows and whats because a day spent with acne is a day felt uglier about yourself.

So, to answer all the hows and whats, we are bringing another series of frequently asked questions related to acne.Let’s answer a few of them.

When should I connect with a dermatologist?

Every disorder has a threshold period before which patients try plenty of natural remedies and internet-borrowed medicinal stuff. If you have been using cosmetic products for removing the acne, you shall keep patient for at least 10 to 12 weeks. By the end of the three months, your skin shall receive the potion good enough to obliterate acne. But if the remedy doesn’t seem to have any impact, or acne pop out even after your skin get the fair share of potion, you shall go to the dermatologist. Make sure that you snap your photos before and after the usage of anti-acne products. If the condition looks aggravated, seek medical help.

What’s the best treatment for acne?

There are a lot of home remedies for getting rid of acne; however, the action of these remedies doesn’t guarantee any specific period. You may get a clear skin today itself, or you may worsen the skin condition after months. But with the standard form of medication, you can observe the quick onset of the medicine as per your need. Retinoids are the best chemicals which unclog the pores of the acne. The stated compounds are widely popular because it treats the condition unhealed by other means of medication. Retinoids are disseminated on the skin in a cream format which also subdues the acne outbreak by disallowing dead cells to jam pores. Other chemicals like Salicylic acid and azelaic acid have also shown the probable effect on acne-reduction.

What’s moderate and severe acne?

Humans are not impervious to acne. We all get it once in our lifetime. But the point is— the severity of the acne. You should know about the threshold time for consultancy. If you have blackhead or whitehead between 20 to 100, 15 to 50 swollen bumps, or 30 to 120 red sores on the face, you are suffering from a moderate acne issue. Anything beyond this range is considered severe; however, you should look forward to consulting with the doctors in the mild acne issue itself.

How long does acne last?

Most of the acne cases are mild. They disappear voluntarily; however, a study reveals that more than 30% of kids suffer from severe acne due to the poor quality of skin (oily) and they have to resort to medical treatment. Acnes are mostly harmless, but if the inflamed bumps seem to swell more, they might cause bleeding and develop an infection. If left untreated, acne might survive up to 4 to 5 years before dissipating itself.

Can acne kill you?

It’s a dangerous thought considering everyone goes through acne issue once in a lifetime. So, can acne kill you? The answer is an indirect yes. Although acne doesn’t directly kill you, it’s like a wound which is susceptible to getting infected. For example, you pop out your swollen pimple and the blood trifles out of the red zone, and you don’t apply the antiseptic or antibacterial chemical. Without medicating the region, if you or someone touches it with dirty bacterial hand, you might develop a deadly condition. So, popping a pimple or removing the black or whiteheads could be satisfying, but every move counts— and your careless step towards acne might put you under the blade of a guillotine.

It’s advised to intake Vitamin A for suppressing the natural production of oil on the skin. The oil-free skin is a symbol of clean skin which has a lesser threat of acne.

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