Effective Ways To Deal With Sunburn

Not everyone can afford to opt for tanning at the salon due to the sheer expenses and also the fact that there are so many ways to get the perfect tan without spending time at the salon.

The best part about self-tanning is the fact that one can tan themselves based on their desire and will not have to depend on the salon attendant.

But, here lies the trick- tanning is fun and all but should one consider getting tanned under the sun, it can go miserably wrong. For instance, tanning can soon turn to sunburn, and there is nothing more uncomfortable than sunburn.

Itchy skin rash, days of discomfort and of course the redness of the skin that does not go away!

Now, should the skin start to peel when one has been sunburnt miserably, there is no going back from there?

Yet, there are simple ways to cure sunburn, which are not necessarily too uncomfortable or expensive and one need not hide under a shade in fear of sunburn which might cause irritation regularly.

Here are some tips and tricks to deal with sunburn:

Deal With Damp Clothes:

Once you have spotted the area which has gotten sunburnt make sure to apply the damn cloth on the area.

Do not rub in the fabric because that will only increase the irritation and will do no good for the burnt area. Keep the cold, damp clothes for about 10-15 minutes on the affected area.

Take showers throughout the day that will heal the burns in some ways.

When you get out of the shower, you need not entirely pat yourself dry.

You can keep some of the water on the affected area and gently rub moisturizer on the sunburnt area to keep the water trapped and yet not catch a cold due to residual water on the body.

Applying Aloe Vera:

The first thing to be mentioned is that you do not need any moisturizer that might trap the heat in your body.

Stay away from heavy moisturizers. Instead opt for creams, gels and lotions which might have aloe vera or soy.

Aloe vera has cooling agents and helps soothe any burnt area.

Aloe will not make your body sweat, and there’s no better alternative.

You can even cut a small chunk of the aloe vera plant and rub the gel-like substance that you will find once you cut open the plant, on your skin.

Make sure to have clean hands and no leftover thorn of the plant.

Drink as Much Water as Possible:

Sunburn does not only dehydrate your body but your skin as well and there is no need to have itchy rashes because of dehydrated skin.

The more you drink water, the better it is for the skin, and less dehydration would lead to faster healing.

Avoid Pain Killers:

It is advisable that you do not take pain killers for minor burns.

But, should the pain be incomprehensible, and you have mild pain killers handy, you can take a small dosage of the same.

Although, it is always better to have medications which have been prescribed to you by the doctor.

Do Not Irritate The Blisters:

Blister on your skin means that you have second-degree burn and thus, it is better to leave the blisters alone.

Popping the blister might worsen your condition.

Let the blister heal by itself.

If there’s fluid coming out of your blisters, you can apply non-scented powder to dry the area or apply medicated powder but make sure to not rub the powder in.

Clean the space where you have used the powder after a while so that there is no residual substance on your skin which might irritate the blisters more.

Should you believe that the burn is out if your control, always consult a doctor because you never know if you need more than home remedy to cure the burns.

The home remedies will surely help to ease the pain and here’s to hoping for a good tan and no sunburns.

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