Do Chickpeas Elevate Sex Life


The nomenclature of chickpeas is absolutely terrible.Had I hailed from the naming era, I would have called it “chick-penis” because it does make sense.

While you are grinning at my terminology, let me tell you— it’s worth tossing on your dinner plates and salad because that’s when you’d make whoopee the same night with your partner.

Yeah, I know it’s hard to convince you, but I am up with the facts again.Let’s figure out how chickpeas are suitable for your penis, and on the whole, it’s remarkable for your sex life.

You, your weight, and your sex life.

Have you been cursing your weight for making your body image bad?

It’s the right time to curse it more because that’s not it— your weight harms you in so many other ways.

Do you even know that your sex life is also linked with excessive weight?

Now that you are done with the solemn utterance against the fats accumulated around your belly region let’s talk some sense.Your weight sees to it that your sex drive plummets down like a plane crash.

Furthermore, the fats exert pressure on the walls of the blood vessels making them “the poor conductor of the blood.”

It pretty much affects the arteries of the penis which, in turn, punishes you with erectile dysfunction.

Well, I am aware that you want to cut the fat down, and that’s where you need to throw chickpeas in your salad.

Chickpeas are the fiber-ladened grains which complete the 50% of daily fiber need per 100 grams serving.

You can call them “anti-appetizers” which stuff your breadbasket enough to stay away from the “snacking urges.”

Some of the reviews suggest that the people who add chickpeas in their dietary lifestyle lose weight much faster than the ones who don’t. [1]

It minimizes sugar to spice up your sex life.

What happens when you remove sugar out of your chocolate?Does it taste spicy?

Definitely not.But when you remove the sugar out of your body, you get a spiced up sex life.

The truth is— the presence of an unbridled volume of sugar in the bloodstream may worsen the diabetic condition.

Chronic diabetes has earned a bad reputation for affecting sex life.

The molecules of the glucose in the circulatory system may damage the arteries of the penis in the process termed as diabetic neuropathy.What does that mean for the penis?

It’s quite evident that the arteries of your penis won’t have the required blood flow for erection, thereby leading to erectile dysfunction.For healthy erection, erect a statue of chickpeas on your dinner plate.

One of the examinations revealed that chickpeas enhanced the insulin resistance in the blood by triggering the beta cells of the pancreas.

As a consequential effect, it controls the hyperglycemic index which surely minimizes the risk of neuropathy and erectile dysfunction[2]

A bowl of chickpeas keeps the disturbed-bowel system at bay.

Although erection looks like a simple activity, a series of events take place in the background.

If you have got a disturbed bowel system, it’s likely that your penis would refuse to give a damn to the sexual stimulations.

It’s probably the hint from your penis that “clear off your stomach and see me shoot the blazing guns.”

A study has indicated that the poor digestive conditions such as constipation, irritated bowel syndrome, etc. brought erectile dysfunction as the comorbid disease. [3]

It’s the perfect time for you to arrange a bowl of chickpeas to fend off the irregular bowel problems.

The reason is simple— they are a great source of minerals and anti-bacterial nutrients which keep the stomach clean.

Apart from that, they push the food quickly in the digestive tract which prevents constipation and other bowel syndromes.

Now that you know how chickpeas are beneficial for your penis, would you sing in the chorus— “let’s rename them as chick-penis?”

Thanks a lot for your support, we’d, someday definitely use the term.

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