1. May 11, 2019

    Physical Causes Of Delayed Ejaculation

    Does your partner give up stimulating your genitals because it’s too reluctant to eject the semen despite worldly friction?

    You got to feel sorry for her tired wrist— thanks to your stringent penis which doesn’t respect her efforts.

    If you take a good 30 to 45 minutes of the stimulating session, and still don’t produce a satisfactory ejaculation, your relationship is likely to experience hardship.

    A lot of factors may impair your ejaculation style with physical causes being a few of the notable contributors.

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  2. May 10, 2019

    How To Initiate Sex Without Being Pushy

    Although love blossoms, heart flutters, and relationship radiate charm; the partners can’t decide whether they should ask for sex.

    Perhaps, the case is the same for you when you couldn’t ask your partner about ‘it’ despite being in a long relationship.

    Maybe you don’t want to sound pushy, or dominant— perhaps you don’t want to look desperate— or perhaps you don’t want to relay the wrong signals.

    With the plenty of doubts steaming up in your brain, you end up getting stuck in the “ifs” and “buts.”

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  3. May 09, 2019

    Answering Curiosity Regarding Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

    It’s understandable that we love exploring the sexuality of the opposite sex when we hit the puberty.

    When I was an adolescent, a lot of questions would hit my mind regarding the sexual behavior of women; and I’d surf a lot of books to read about the same.

    Just as me, if you are curious to learn whether “women feel as horny as you,” let me tell you— no they don’t— not always.

    They may have to undergo sexual disorder named hypoactive sexual desire

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  4. May 08, 2019

    5 Daily Practices Which Aggravate The Diabetic Condition

    Sometimes, we look around all the possibilities to elevate the chronic diabetic condition but don’t pay heed to the daily practices which aggravate the existing diabetic condition.

    If you’d ask me whether you’ll have to drop your medicinal doses if you get over the daily practices, I’d deny because you need medical care to generate insulin in the body; however, keeping the practice at bay would prevent worsening of the condition.

    So, without delaying the further course, let’s find out what practices affect your sugar level.

    You hate cooking.

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  5. May 07, 2019

    How To Know If Your Skin Is Sensitive

    I wish every person had a distinct guiding manual right during birth for their lives for they could get enlightened about certain things like diseases and the ways to control them.

    I’d personally love “god’s manual” which would say— “you have hit the puberty, go get some sex,” or “your skin is turning sensitive, better take care of it.”

    But unfortunately, there’s no clear definition of sensitive skin despite millions of people get affected by it every year across the globe.

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  6. May 06, 2019

    Maintaining Sexual Hygiene For Managing Sex Life

    The two types of marriages— arranged and love marriage— look sexual hygiene from the different purview.

    While partners may overlook sexual hygiene in love marriage (because love is blind), a significant part of global demography still considers love marriage a taboo— and that’s where they resort to the arranged marriages.

    Bad sexual hygiene may be a huge turn off for someone who’s forced into an arranged marriage and may produce bumps and hiccups even before the sex life begins.

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  7. May 04, 2019

    Water For Treating Erectile Dysfunction

    If you stay in an arid region, you seriously need to check your water consumption level every day.

    Not just because you have to survive as that’s obviously the primary reason; however, the other concern is— you may be developing one of the most embarrassing and humiliating sexual disorders, i.e., erectile dysfunction.

    We know how water is the most important element on earth, and a dehydrated body is more prone to establishing severe issues, but do we know that it may worsen our sex lives without giving a warning?

    Yes, one of the recent studies suggests that water can help in tre

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  8. May 03, 2019

    The Reality Of Sex Life In Winter

    Winters are usually associated with cuddles, steaming sex in the scorching bathtub, and conducting the body heat to the partner’s body.

    But winters are not always as hot as you think.The reality is a bit different because the guys feel somber and gloomy below the belt region during the winters.

    Even Though cold weather compels you to share the natural bond with your partner, your partner and his penis may feel lethargic under the pressure of winter blues.

    The sex life in winter freezes up just like the environment around your house.Let’s find out why your sex life cools off wit

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  9. May 02, 2019

    The Hide And Seek Between Weight And Sex Life

    Don’t be surprised if your huge belly is putting a hurdle in your sex life.After all, it’s not easy to penetrate with a vast plateau right before the penis.

    But did you know that your weight and sex life are in a secret hide and seek game?In the given game, they are inversely proportional to each other.“When you gain weight, you lose the sex life; when you lose weight, you gain the sex life.”

    And it’s not limited to men as they continue the game in women too.Let’s read out their game in detail.

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  10. May 01, 2019

    Surprising Things Which May Help You Go Horny

    Did you know that psychological factors like stress, depression, over-pondering, or preoccupied brain affect your sexual session?

    A hell lot of things run in the background for as basic a thing like an erection.Any discrepancy in the background may snatch your potency to get hard, and it may tumbledown your relationship with the spouse.

    However, our bodies are programmed in such a way that social interactions activate the love molecule— oxytocin— which works as an anti-stress hormone contributing to enhanced sex life. [1]

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