1. June 25, 2019

    Be A Serious Avoider After Organ Transplant

    If you have claimed new organs in your body, you got be a serious avoider of literally almost everything you have.

    As you take an organ-sustaining drug to obstruct the action of our immune system, you need to take care of diet and other medicines which don’t induce cross-reactivity with it.

    The purpose of being a “serial avoider” is to prevent the interaction of immunosuppressants with these dietary substances.

    And if your organs aren’t doing well, here’s the list of things to do.

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  2. June 21, 2019

    4 Food Items To Avoid After Organ Transplantation

    Our bodies are so well-trained to put defense against the foreign substances that they attack everything which comes midst their way— even the new organs which are meant to improve our lives.

    It means that our immune system is not a good host, and we have to suppress its action to yield a favorable environment for the new organ to settle them into the “work culture” of the body.

    Hence, we intake immunosuppressants— the medical substances which subdue the body’s defense system, thereby allowing the organs to become accustomed to the system.

    However, toning down the operation of the im

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  3. June 18, 2019

    Q&A Relating To Penis

    Penis has to be one of the best organs in the body; unlike, other organs, it does two jobs— throwing out the body waste and watering the sexual urge.

    But people of developing and emerging country take a unique use of penis, i.e., they look for the tiny shaft in babies to determine whether the baby is a boy.

    So, right from childhood, penis resolves a lot of questions, and it also demands answers for a lot of questions.

    In the given piece, we shall unveil some of the best questions surrounding penis and surgeries to make things easier for your sexual sessions.

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  4. June 13, 2019

    Vitamin D— Seep It Before Its Deficiency Shows These Symptoms

    It’s been all cliche when I say vitamin D, and you immediately think about the Suns and the bones— well, that’s what half the world do.

    But vitamin D has much more to offer to your body than we have been linking it throughout our lives.

    And you will see its use beyond toughening your bones and inducing calcium in the bloodstream once you get to know about the symptoms caused by its deficiency.

    It’s recommended for you to administer requisite Vitamin D into your body so that you don’t face the underlying issues led by its deficiency.

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  5. June 10, 2019

    Papaya— Does It Give You A Hard Erection?

    Do you often stuff your refrigerator with the rotund, sweet, and vibrant fruit— papaya?

    Now, it’s the perfect time for you to run to the refrigerator and gulp the mouth-watering slices of it.

    And its importance sores up to the blue skies if you’d find the historical association between it and sexual dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction.

    Honestly, the link between the two needs more clinical research with the obvious observation; however, we can exp

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  6. June 06, 2019

    Q&A Relating To Premature Ejaculation

    A flurry of questions hit your psych when you have got frequent morning wood, great penile function, and fantastic sex desire to boast among your friends, but premature ejaculation snatches off the star from your sexual Epaulette.

    And it propels you to hunt down everything related to it.So, without making a further delay, let’s cover some of the antic questions encircling premature ejaculation.

    What’s the ideal lasting time for sex?

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  7. May 21, 2019

    What Are The Causes of Premature Ejaculation?

    Premature ejaculation is a dysfunction, which occurs during sexual intercourses when a man ejaculates faster than the period that he or his partner would prefer.

    It is a common sexual problem, which is experienced by many men at some point.

    Both psychological, as well as physiological factors play a crucial role in premature ejaculation.

    Unless this problem occurs frequently or starts affecting your physical intimacy, it should not bother you.

    What are the symptoms

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  8. May 16, 2019

    The ABCDE Of Moles And Cancer

    How “nightmarish” would it be if you wake up amidst deep slumber to answer the nature call and find a big mole on the nose overnight?It supplies the chills down the spice— because we nearly lose the charm of our face.

    Share all the blame to your independent-turned cozy skin cells which accumulate together and release the pigment color at the specific point.

    Basically, moles are the result of “excessive lovemaking between the skin cells which come together with the orgasmic pigments” only to make you look horrible.But that’s not the only bad news.

    The moles on your

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  9. May 14, 2019

    The Key To A Healthy Sex Life

    That exact moment when the eyes meet and the lips become a part of each other, only to mold an emotional bond so strong that no external force can break it, is the highest point of physical intimacy.

    It’s an intangible feeling of being one and yet working one’s way through and out of the Tetris that the bodies have built for one another is like feeling that the moment will cease and everything would set to pause.

    It is this emotional dependency of two bodies that define physical intimacy.

    One can be physically intimate in many states of mind and existence, but one cannot be tru

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  10. May 13, 2019

    Surya Namaskar— The Method For Buoying Up Sex Life

    Did you know that “one of the strongest warriors— Karn” from the epic write-up “Mahabharata” got conceived with the help of the Sun?

    Kunti— the official mother of Karna— sucked some real “sunrays” and got pregnant.It looks like a tasty feast for religious believers, and archaic and utterly stupid to the non-believers.

    Well, I am no one to validate the truth; however, the recent study suggests that gracing the sun with a namaskar (the great sun salutation) may boost up your sex life.

    It sounds skeptical because we do not have much logical explanation, but we can surely give it a

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