The problem of erectile dysfunction is a chronic one that not only affects a person mentally but physically too. It is normal to get or experience an erection problem sometimes, but if the problem persists for a longer duration then it might be the early sign of erectile dysfunction. While there are various medicaments available in the market, very few of them work well.

Cenforce Overview

Cenforce is a Sildenafil Citrate based medicine that treats the problem of erectile dysfunction naturally and makes you feel better during sexual intimacy. It works on the root cause of the problem and treats it efficiently without making you addicted to it. Cenforce 100 not only allows you to last longer with your partner but also makes you more confident with an erection so that you can enjoy sexual intimacy to the fullest.

Cenforce 100 works on the blood flow and helps in maintaining a uniform blood supply into the penis during sexual intercourse so that the penis remains erect and hard for a longer duration. It treats the problem from the core and allows them to have a hard erection.

Why Cenforce is a must-have for ED?

While different ED medication is available in the market, nothing works well like Cenforce. Because of the active salt composition of the medicine, it works faster and better than any other ED medication available in the market. It uses the Sildenafil Citrate as its active component i.e. a PDE 5 inhibitor. It works by dilating the blood vessels and removing the clogged arteries.

As a result, the penis remains hard because of blood pressure. Thus it allows you to last longer and enjoy better with your friends. Unlike other ED medications, it possesses very few side effects and works efficiently without any problem. However, it is an ED medication and therefore it is required to consult the doctor for the same before starting the medication.

How many dosage variations are available for Cenforce?

Cenforce 100 comes in different dosages according to the severity of the problem and health condition. You can start with the lower dosage as well as with a higher dosage as per the medical condition. It comes in dosages like Cenforce 100, Cenforce 150, Cenforce 200, etc. You can consult the doctor and start with the right one.

Do I need a prescription to buy Cenforce online?

Any ED medicine is a prescription based medicine that requires the consultation of the doctor. If you are facing any male sexual problem of erectile dysfunction or male impotence, then it is required to consult the doctor for the right prescription and right dosage for getting the maximum benefit out of it.